Packing Tips for Disney

So you plan this awesome vacation for you and your family for Disney and now it’s time to pack. Packing for a family can become so overwhelming, and if you’re like me, you make lists and plans and still forget things you needed! So here’s a few tips that I have found helpful.

1. Start packing early! I pull out suitcases and put them out of the way in my house and put stuff in as I think of it and mark it off the list. That way everything is in one place and I am not running around making myself crazy and frazzled.

2. Check weather reports for your destination so you know what to expect. That way you can plan wardrobe extras as needed.

3. Sunscreen. Extra sunscreen.  When traveling to Florida, you always want to use sunscreen. I would get waterproof sweatproof with a high SPF factor to avoid painful burns. It’s never fun to spend a vacation in pain! If you do get a burn, aloe vera is great, especially chilled in the fridge! Chapstick with SPF is a good idea as well.

4. Polarized sunglasses. These glasses cost a little bit more in stores ( Wal-Mart, etc.) But your eyes will thank you. These glasses block harmful rays that other glasses don’t.

5. In the camping sections of your local walmart you can find inexpensive waterproof bags. I have a small one that I tuck inside my purse/backpack for the parks, and for rides like Splash Mountain I put my phone, wallet, camera, and anything else I don’t want to get wet inside. That way they are protected better against getting damaged.

6. Before I leave I go and purchase a Disney journal. These journals are fairly inexpensive and work great as autograoh books! Plus,  you can use them for more than one trip which will save money. 

7. Comfortable shoes. I cannot stress this enough. Make sure your shoes are super comfortable, supportive, won’t cause blisters, and can survive walking through the parks. Your feet will thank you!

8. Hand sanitizer. Hand rails, crowds. Need I say more? 

9. If your are traveling with young ones, waiting in lines can be hard. So before you go, get some small games to slip In your bag like I Spy cards. These can help pass waiting times for little travelers.

10. Extra memory cards. There are so many photo ops, if you’re like me you want all the photos you can get! So I bring along an extra memory card in my bag which I keep in my waterproof bag until I need it. Extra batteries is also a good idea.

Packing can seem overwhelming at times, but it doesnt have to be! A few tricks, a little pixie dust and you’re all set! What are your packing tricks? I always love to learn a great tip!

About Disney By Pixie

I am a wife, mother, Disney fanatic, and Disney travel agent! I would love to help you book and plan your next trip! Contact me at for a quote today!
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