Disney World 2013 Day 3

Nikon 013

As day 3 dawned, we were on the bus bright and early for our first time eating at 1900 Park Fair at the Grand Floridian Resort. Upon entering we watched Mary Poppins open the restaurant which was too cool to watch. We loaded up on eggs, bacon, biscuits, fruit and more at this fabulous buffet. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Alice, the Mad Hatter, and Mary Poppins were all in residence that morning, and it was so much fun meeting all of them. Mary Poppins was a delight, talking about Bert and the chimney sweeps. So much fun! We stuffed ourselves full and it was off to the Magic Kingdom for the day, and to meet a very special friend.

We entered the gates and it was off for a quick visit to see Rapunzel, which was fabulous. She was so nice and we asked her about Flynn and her frying pans, lol. I loved meeting her, along with Aurora and Cinderella. Afterwards we were off to Adventureland. We had a date with some pirates and someone special. I was finally going to meet my dear friend Amy. I was so excited and nervous. But we met, hugged, laughed, rode Pirates together, took pictures, it was amazing. I love her dearly, and I can’t wait to see her again. The park was virtually empty on this day, because of the Halloween party that night. We were able to walk onto Splash, Big Thunder, Pirates, Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, and Philharmagic with no wait. We lunched at Peco’s Bill for the first time and that was so yummy!!!! Their burgers are hot and juicy and you can add your own toppings from the fixins bar. Don’t forget the hot, melted cheese!

Afterwards we rode Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan, wandered over to Storybook Circus, and then something incredibly magical happened! We noticed Imagineers in the park, but then we noticed them all standing at the top of the upcoming Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We were curious so we waited to see what was happening. THEY WERE TESTING THE MINE CARS! Oh we freaked out!!!!!! We watched for awhile, our camera clicking 1000 miles an hour. it was so awesome to watch!!!! I cannot wait to ride this when it opens!!!!

We walked over to Tomorrowland to wait until we could pick up our bands for the party. Somehow my hubby got me on Space Mountain. I can now say I have done it and I will never ever do it again. I had to wait awhile before I attempted to ride anything else. So we picked up our bands, map and bags for the party, and shopped until our dinner. At Be Our Guest. In the Ballroom. This restaurant is so beautiful and amazing it put me to tears. the detailing, the colors, it was as if Beast and Belle would start dancing at any moment. And the food-my tummy was so happy! Strip steak, grilled to perfection. And of course, we ordered the Grey Stuff. YUM!!! The staff was so great, and the Beast was there taking pictures. I love this place and I will be back here again!

After dinner it was party time!!!! It was our first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and we were so excited! We met Tiana and Naveen, saw Merida, caught a glimpse of the Seven Dwarfs, but they were not my goal this night. My goal-Jack and Sally. The line was long, so we went to get a spot on Main Street for the Headless Horseman, Parade, Celebrate the Magic, and Hallowishes. But I knew I would be headed back as soon as I could. The Cast Members were entertaining the crowd, and the party was in full swing. This is an extra ticketed event, and they do check arm bands, so be prepared to show it several times. The lights went lower, and there he was. The Headless Horseman. He went right by me on Main, I could have touched the horse if I wanted. It was so cool!!!! After another few minutes, Mickey’s Boo to You parade came down the street with all of its ‘spooky” fun.

All of the characters were dressed in their Halloween finest, but there was one group I could not wait to see. The Grave Diggers. This was truly a magical experience, they came down, dancing, shooting sparks with their shovels, I was thrilled! The ballroom dancers were next, and one of them came over to me. Talk about cool! Pirates, cowboys, candy and more, this parade does not disappoint. Afterwards we moved up closer and watched the Villains show, which was too fun. I loved seeing all of the Villains together. Celebrate the Magic, a projection show on the castle, followed. This show touched my heart. Plus, the Tangled lantern portion was so incredibly beautiful. Then, it was time. Hallowishes. I highly recommend not missing these fireworks, as they are incredibly unique. Full of Villains, narrated by the Ghost Host and ending with a 360 degree finish, it was awesome. If you have little ones, it might be a bit spooky for them, as it is dark. We loved it though, and it was completely awesome.

Then, I knew where I wanted to be. It was time to see Jack and Sally. We headed up Main, and took our place in line. We waited about an hour and a half, but it was worth it. While we waited, the evil Stepmother and Sisters were dancing in the square, it was so funny to watch. Then, it was our turn. Jack and Sally greeted us, and they got a kick out of us. I was wearing a Jack and Sally T-shirt, I had my Jack Pins and landyard, plus-My husband’s father is Santa during Christmas, which we showed them both. They cackled and laughed, we had so much fun meeting them. They don’t sign, but they give you a signed card and you can take several pictures. I was so happy, this was what I had wanted ever since we arrived! I love this party, and I hope to do it again sometime. I highly recommend trying it!

The hour was late, the party winding down. So we waved to the sisters, and headed out, ready to take on the next day. Little did I know what the next day would hold for me. Next, I will tell you about Hollywood Studios, and what happens when you are injured at Disney.


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