Disney Pin Trading


If you’re a Disney fan like me, you probably have heard about Disney Pin Trading. Well, on this past trip, we got into pin trading and I must say it’s completely addictive! I have a lanyard, and I now have a board for pins as well. I love trading! We found some awesome CM’s to trade with, and since I have been home I have been trading online as well. But my special pin story comes from the day we visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We went into a little shop that day to look at what the Cm had and while we were looking, a family with a little girl came in. She was looking for a Jasmine, and it seemed to mean a lot to her. Earlier that day I had traded for a Jasmine, and I quietly spoke up and said that I had one. The little girl’s eyes went wide. The mother handed me the lanyard and I chose a Jack to trade, but even if I hadn’t I would have given it to her anyway. She gave me the best smile, and the mother I thought would cry. She was so happy! She said I made their whole trip!
It touched me to be able to make a little girl happy like that. It’s what Disney is all about to me, making magical memories. I look at my pins, and I smile remembering that day. I look forward to making many more Disney memories, and more pin trading!! What about you guys? Do you trade pins? What do you collect? I would love to hear all about it, and hear any of your special pin stories!


About Disney By Pixie

I am a wife, mother, Disney fanatic, and Disney travel agent! I would love to help you book and plan your next trip! Contact me at sherry@enchantedearstravel.com for a quote today!
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